Our Basic license is design so that everyone
in the organisation can benefit from the power
of geospatial & location inetlligence

Check out some of the benefits with Basic.

Geocode address data

In-depth search

See your Dynamics 365 data on a map

Draw tool options

Optimised route planning

Territory view

Customer broadcast

Click to action

Multiple visualisations

Appointment planner

Custom pin markers

Share & save maps

We're adding more features every release.

Geocoding address data

Every address needs a latitude and longitude code for it to be positioned on a map. Most address data formats do not contain this information, therefore there is a need to add this information to each record. When Maptaskr is first installed it runs a bulk process that geocodes (another name for searching out an addresses Lat/Long) every address found in your database. When a new record is then entered it geocodes each new address on the fly, making it quicker and easier to display your address data on a map.

In-depth Search

Maptaskr has some great search capabilities built into it. You can search by any number of methods including standard text-based search using the drop-down field, you can use the draw tool to draw an area on the map to search within a specific area of interest (AOI) or you can search by territory or region. Once you've selected the area you want to search you can then filter your results based on a number of factors including using 3rd party datasets. E.G. Search an AOI and then select criteria that tells you all customers that have swimming pools or don't have swimming pools based on the data from within another dataset that you've imported.

Map Dynamics 365 data

Map your Dynamics 365 data on a intuitive map. Visualise your data from a customer through to an asset, fleet and IoT data, see it all within one system and interact with each click to action buttons. Create views and then share these views with a colleague where you can collaborate to gain further insight. Bring in other data layers to enhance what you're seeing whilst annotating to help tell the story of whats being told on the screen.

Draw & annotate tool options

Create insightful views by annotation or adding content from the object library to enhance what the map is telling its recipients. Draw free hand line, straight lines, circles, squares, custom shapes to add value to your map. Use the measurement tool to measure distances, and add custom objects from objects library including 'drag n drop' and resize of shapes like skips, swimming pools, cranes and a whole lot more.

Optimised Route Planning

Leverage the amazing capabilities of BING maps, our optimised route planning allows you to make the most of you day and minimise the amount of time travelling so you can spend more time with customers. Adjust you journey so you avoid bridges or routes that only work for trucks, use the isochron feature to see how far you can get within a specific area at a given time and lots more.

Territory view

View and organise your customer within sales / marketing / service territories or regions. Gain insights from seeing where your customers are in a territory view or compare sales or customer activity against each territory. Assign new customers to a territory directly from within the map with our click to action feature.

Customer broadcast

Send notifications or communications out to your customers direct from within Maptaskr. Either use the in-depth search tool, draw area of interest tool or territory view to select which customers you want to broadcast to and Maptaskr will bring them up in a single list allowing you to then create your own marketing list.

Click to action

When you're looking at you Dynamics 365 data on a map sometimes you need to trigger an action or process. Whether is assigning a new customer to a territory or salesperson or creating a work order based on insights coming in directly from the field, Maptaskr allows you to do this. With customised 'Call to action' feature, you can trigger of any number of processes directly from within the map.

Multiple visualisations

See your Dynamics 365 data on a map is incredibly useful however sometimes you need more to see trends or new insights which is why we've built in multiple different types of visualisations into Maptaskr. Then plot your customer or asset data on a map and then use the power of Maptaskr to overlay different view to see new insights or trends. from heatmaps to thematic maps you'll be able to see the difference to increase productivity within your organisation.

Appointment planner

Plan your day and stay productive within Dynamics 365 by scheduling & managing appointments on the go. Appointment planner lets you schedule and manages your day efficiently so you can spend more time talking with customers then travelling. Want to arrange your meeting near a restaurant or hotel? Then use the 'nearby places' feature when booking your appointment and optimising your day.

Custom map markers

Customise the map markers for each type of customer for each seach result allowing you to see quickly and eaily where you should focus your time. Select different map markets for customers, prospects, fleet or assets.

Save & share

Created a map view that you want to share or collaborate with colleagues on? Maptaskr allows you to create different views, save search results with custom map markers and then share and collaborate on your map.

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