Our Standard license is designed for those who need more power and the ability to bring in
3rd party datasets or OCG file formats

Check out some of the benefits with Standard.

Create and manage territories

Import 3rd party data layers inc Esri & OGC standard layers

Import, store & view drone imagery

Advanced prospecting

We're adding more features every release.

Create & manage territories

Create and manage territories, change territorie boundaries and assign staff to each territory. Easily see which territories are performing better than offers and easily see where the opportunities exist.

Import 3rd party data layers inc ESRI & OGC standard layers

Bring a new dimension to your Dynamics 365 data by enhancing it with 3rd party datasets inc ESRI and OGC compliant layers. Maptaskr supports many different file formats including shapefiles, KML, Geotiff, Geojson, WMS and ESRI/OCG standards. Maptaskr also allows you to add information packs like the Geoscape database. Enhance your customer data by adding the Geoscape database to your Dynamics 365 environment.

  • More information on datasets

  • Import, store & view drone imagery

    We've learnt that storing drone imagery and the data produced by drones poses certain problems for organisations. Making drone imagery easy to store, easy to search and available to all comes with certain challenges which are why we've built Maptaskr to not only enable you to easily store drone imagery but make it searchable and also link drone imagery to specific customer or asset records. One the drone imagery is stored you can then run any number of our algorithms over it to drive deep insights to whats happening on the ground.

    Advanced prospecting

    We built an advanced AI location Bot that actively trawls the internet for new leads and businesses. When compared to tradition prospect searches, our AI BOT brings back on average 20-30% more leads. By combining multiple sources, our AI Prospecting Bot continually hunts out for business even beating Google search results. Combine this with your journey planner to get the most from hunting out new opportunities.

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