Whats Maptaskr?

Maptaskr supercharges Dynamics 365 & your business applications with the power of Location Intelligence, transforming your data by analysing & enriching the location data component into enhanced business insights. With its intelligent mapping, location & geospatial intelligence platform, Maptaskr enables your sales teams to better connect with your customers, your marketing teams to achieve more targeted campaigns & your field teams to have the best data available, through an intuitive mapping interface.

Who are we

We are a global team of Software Developers, GIS Developers, Remote Sensing Engineers, AI Developer's, Product Managers and lots of other roles, all dedicated to enabling the power of Location & Geospatial Intelligence for everyone in the enterprise. We blend your data with location intelligence and artificial intelligence to bring you insights and actions that will make your business better organised, more productive and more profitable. Maptaskr is democratising what is normally found in high-end location intelligence and GIS software and making it super easy to use.

What we value

At Maptaskr we fundamentally believe that maps make it easier to see correlations between data and to contextualise what's happening on the ground quicker than any other form of visual information. We believe that maps allow for a kind of communication that goes above and beyond what we can convey orally. As the saying goes a ‘picture paints a thousand words’

With these being some of our guiding principles, we built Maptaskr to be as quick, easy and intuitive as possible, so all users within your business can to get access to the information they need, when they need and even trigger actionable processes right within the map. This approach of interacting with data through a map all this adds up to time and cost savings for your business.

How we began

Maptaskr is driven by the vision to empower all users with the power of Location Intelligence. Co-founders Ravi Nichani and Dave Newman have built their careers on designing and building software solutions that push the boundaries of technology to provide a better user experience. What began as two work colleagues coming together to solve an industry challenge, fast became a friendship between two aspiring entrepreneurs which evolved into a fast-growing Australian tech business. Since its creation, Maptaskr has grown in product range, expanded geographical boundaries and solved core problems in more industries.

Why Maptaskr?

Maptaskr will help your business become more efficient, more productive and more profitable by allowing you and your staff to truly understand where your business is coming from, who you customers are and allow you to spend more time solving their problems.

If you have a problem you need help with, then give Maptaskr a call. Our team are all born problem solves and thrive on applying Maptaskr to new industries and new problems.

Contact us today

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