Field Engineer for Dynamics 365 brings the power of geospatial intelligence to everyone in your business. Field Engineer for Dynamics 365 gives you everything you need to abstract insights and answers from satellite, drone and aerial remote sensing data with powerful connectors into platforms like ESRI's ArcGIS. Create powerful workflows to ensure the right people in your business have the information when they need it.
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Tablet friendly

Both the Maptaskr web and mobile app versions have been built to be tablet friendly.
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Import and share OGC files

Easily import and share Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) file formats. this includes sharing ESRI and other GIS software files.
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Search and access satellite data

Access to multiple different types of satellite data including photogrammetry, Multi and hyperspectral, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and many other types.
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Search and access aerial data

Access high-resolution data and imagery from many of the leading aerial providers.
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Store and search drone data

Store drone data in your own environment. Easily access this data and allocated against your business data.
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View and manage IoT devices

View IoT device data on a map, interact with them and utilise '1-click actions' to trigger workflows.
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GIS API Connectors

Connect your business data with other GIS software including ESRI, Mapinfo, Hexigon etc.
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AI analytics engine (Geotaskr)

From building recognition to monitor agricultural crop health. Leverage the power of our AI engine to gain insights from geospatial data.
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AI Insight library

Our insight library makes it easy for you to run insights overs geospatial data quickly and easily.
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Location monitoring

Easily monitor remote locations using satellite data and get notified as soon as new data is available.

Intuitive timeline search

Search for drone, aerial and satellite data and imagery using our intuitive timeline. Simply click on an existing polygon or draw a new polygon on the map, select the timeline you want to search, select the attributes or insights you want to drive and slick submit.

Our industry-specific themes, ensures you’re up and running quickly.

* Industry specific themes currently available: Health, Agriculture, Real Estate, Property Maintenance, etc

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Maptaskr Field

Maptaskr is a SaaS mapping & location intelligence platform that is built on the Microsoft Power Platform. This means it works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook Customer Manager, Power BI and all other Microsoft enterprise solutions.

Maptaskr allows businesses to integrate mapping & location and geospatial intelligence right into their process both in the office and out in the field.