Field Sales for Dynamics 365 makes it easy for you to manage field-based teams, maximise sales/opportunities and increase return on marketing spend.

Maximise your sales teams’ Easily manage territories, optimise journey times and plan efficiently to spend more time customers and find new ones.
Route planner icon

Route planning & optimisation

Plan your day live a pro with optimised route planning ensuring you are as productive as possible.
Territories icon

Territory Management

Design and manage territories from the ground up ensuring you have the right person covering the right account.
Auto scheduling icon

Auto appointment scheduling

Meeting cancellations happen, but with auto scheduling, Maptaskr will help you fill that gap and much more.
Calendar integration icon

Calendar integration

Sync your calendar to maximise your day. Have a private appointment? Maptaskr recognises this and books around it giving you travel time.
Indepth search icon

In-depth data search

Easily search for specific customers and account types using the in-depth search.
Customer notes icon

Take customer notes

Record notes and details on customer interactions. Make notes searchable via your CRM.
Check in icon

Check in / out (lone worker)

Enable lone workers to check-in and out to ensure safety. Automated workflow on whos notified when a worker goes overdue,
3rd Party import icon

Import 3rd party data

Need to import excel data, shapefiles, KML files and any other 3rd party data? Maptaskr makes it as easy as '3 clicks' to import this data.
1 click action icon

Easy '1-click actions'

Trigger any workflow or 'call to action' within Dynamics 365 or PowerPlatform direct from within Maptaskr.
query builder icon

Query builder

Easily build complex queries from your business data, visualise on the map, then trigger '1-click actions' to act on data.
Geotagged images icon

Upload geotagged images

Take geo-references imaged, upload and store against specific business data.
Geocode icon

Geo-code addresses

Instant geocoding of your address data. Bulk geo-code for larger datasets.
Customer broadcast icon

Customer broadcast

Using both the draw tool and data tab, select the accounts you want to broadcast to on the map and easily add them to a marketing list.
geofenced area icon

Geofence areas on interest

Geofence specific areas and create alerts if the geofence is activated.
Share maps icon

Share maps externally

Need to share a map (mud map) with a delivery driver or for some to collaborate on? Maptaskrs got this covered.
Draw and annotate icon

Draw, annotate and measure

Create, share and collaborate directly on business data via a map. Share your maps with colleagues.
Custom map pins

Custom map pins and markers

Create custom map pins and markers to clearly identify different entities from each other.
Heatmap icon

Heat-maps and visualisations

Create heatmaps and intuitive visualisations to see patterns in your data.
PowerBI logo icon

View Power BI dashboards

View PowerBI dashboards direct with the map. Drill down into the data that matters quickly.
Sales Lead icon

New sales lead generation

Using our AI lead generation tool, instantly find new leads based on your search criteria.

Our industry-specific themes, ensures you’re up and running quickly.

* Industry specific themes currently available: Health, Agriculture, Real Estate, Property Maintenance,

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Maptaskr is a SaaS mapping & location intelligence platform that is built on the Microsoft Power Platform. This means it works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook Customer Manager, Power BI and all other Microsoft enterprise solutions.

Maptaskr allows businesses to integrate mapping & location and geospatial intelligence right into their process both in the office and out in the field.