Our intelligent location intelligence platform allows your business to optimise its sales, marketing & field operations while uncovering new business opportunities through an intuitive mapping interface.

Vehicle tracking icon

Realtime vehicle tracking

Track your vehicles in real-time. Report the real-time location according to the time interval, distance or heading change.
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Monitor driving behaviour

Constantly monitor driving behaviour. Monitoring and set alerts that including speeding, hard acceleration, hard deceleration and many more.
Vehicle search icon

DTC codes (engine errors)

Detect if your vehicle is suffering from an engine error and report.
Mileage tracker icon

Monitor and record mileage

Provide your field staff with access to the information they need while in the field including data layers and any OGC compliant layers.
Engine icon

Monitor engine data

Monitor and read engine data such as RPM, speed, coolant temperature and much more.
Fleet analytics icon

Fleet analytics and reporting

Collect and report on your fleet's performance so you can optimise and save costs using fleet analytics.
Fleet automation icon

Fleet process and automation

Easily automate some of the processes associated with managing your fleet based on constant data feedback.
Fuel consumption icon

Monitor fuel consumption

Monitor fuel consumption to ensure you are getting the best efficiency possible. Pair with Maptaskr Sales to find the cheapest fuel stations.
Car Wifi icon

Plug n play with 4G connectivity

Turn your vehicle into a wifi hotspot. Act as an in-vehicle WiFi hotspot, up to 8 WiFi-enabled devices can be connected to share high speed 4G LTE network.

Our industry-specific themes, ensures you’re up and running quickly.

* Industry specific themes currently available: Health, Agriculture, Real Estate, Property Maintenance,

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Maptaskr Fleet

Maptaskr is a SaaS mapping & location intelligence platform that is built on the Microsoft Power Platform. This means it works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook Customer Manager, Power BI and all other Microsoft enterprise solutions.

Maptaskr allows businesses to integrate mapping & location and geospatial intelligence right into their process both in the office and out in the field.


GM OnStar

Maptaskr Fleet connects OnStar* to Microsoft Dynamics 365 enabling unparalleled automation, reporting, tracking, and analytics.