Our Operations license is designed for advanced users who want to build and run Geospatial Intelligence queries, build or modifiy algorithms from our growing insight library or autonomously monitor remote locations

Check out some of the benefits with Operations.

Geocode address data

In-depth search

See your Dynamics 365 data on a map

Draw tool options

Optimised route planning

Territory view

Customer broadcast

Click to action

Multiple visualisations

Appointment planner

Custom pin markers

Share & save maps

We're adding more features every release.

Access latest satellite & aerial imagery

Access the world’s largest earth imagery library. View imagery from highest commercially available satellites at regular intervals including daily updates. Search and see the latest imagery against your customer and asset data in a easy time-series timeline. Compare change, create time-series videos. Run any of the predefined insight algorithms to gain further insight.

Build & modify insights with Notebooks

No longer is Geospatial intelligence only in the domain of GIS professionals, for users than have data science experience and skills, they can apply their skills to transforming earth imagery into meaningful and insightful context to drive business growth and enable better decision making.

Access to Geotaskr AI Geospatial Analytics AI Engine

Geotaskr is the AI analytics engine that enables all the dots between customer, asset and geospatial & location intelligence data to be joined. Geotaskr aggregates multiple different sources of spatial content together into one solution allowing the user to simply select or draw an area of interest and then Geotaskr queries in real time all the different satellite and aerial sources associated with your account to bring back the results in a simple and easy to use time-series timeline. This also includes bringing back any internal drone imagery that you may have stored. Geotaskr then allows you to run various algorithms or recipes as we like to call them over the imagery to give you a deep understanding of whats happening on the ground.

Access to pre-built algorithm (recipe) library

Get up and running quicker with our growing library of pre-built recipes that you can run over the satellite, aerial and drone imagery to drive actionable insights. If a recipe doesnt quite fit your needs, not worries, simply clone the recipe and modify within the notebooks.

Autonomously monitor remote locations

Need to monitor a remote location for change or have a trigger when a certain event happens? Using the Geotaskr AI Engine you can set an area of interest, set a recipe to monitor this location and when the event trigger is actioned you will be automatically notified. EG: Say a utility wants to monitor vegetation growth around its pipe or transmission lines, simply set the area around the pipes or powerline, set the tolerance of vegetation and when the tolerance is exceeded you will get a notification.

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