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Clear line of sight of your sales team and sales targets

Salestaskr is a comprehensive field sales solution designed to turn your sales team into lean selling machines.

Salestaskr software allows you to see the whole of your sales team. With a centralized platform for activities in the field and live feedback, rep tracking and sales development.

Manage & optimize territories for greater sales conversion

Making sure you have the right amount of sales coverage is key to enabling a high performing sales team. Visualization of your Sales Rep team is crucial, Salestaskr allows you to adjust or add territories to a Sale Reps profile, no IT department needed.

Assign Sales Reps to Zip codes easily or if you want to be more specific draw a territory in Salesatskr and assign to a Sales Rep.
Split territories, is a territory getting too large or you have a large number of customer/prospects to manage? Salestaskr can split territories up into smaller areas and assign them to Sales Reps.

Gamification of your sales targets to motivate your sales teams

Encourage healthy competition through leaderboards. Create ‘Team Chats’ allowing one on one chats or with a specific group. Give instant sales coaching where needed.

Create hierarchies, so everyone in the team knows where to go for guidance in their role.

Equip your sales team with the latest offers and sales material quickly

Everything in Salestaskr happens in real-time; manager and reps can work together to ensure every territory is fully covered with real-time visibility.

With real-time communication, the whole team can be up to date with offers, targets and sales material.

Onboard new sales team members faster whilst improving retention

Reducing staff retention is a huge challenge for sales managers; this can be even more challenging when the bulk of customer interaction is field-based.

With Salestaskr being a centralized platform for activities, documenting and communication for live feedback. The results are happier motivated reps that are set-up for success.

With this real-time software, this enables rep development and allows managers to identify where team members are holding back the rest of the sales team.

In-depth reporting and analytics for fast understanding of sales conversions

With Salestaskr you see every stage of the sales process, with leaderboards. Leaderboards allow you to measure, compare and improve the performances of your team.

Consolidate sales statistics such as closure percentage and people contacted by each sales rep. With live data calculate success rates, this lets you figure out what is and is not working. Rep activity allows tracking of their progress through their territory.

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