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Sales Optimization

Sales operations are a critical role in driving growth.
Salestaskr provides sales operation teams with data to find insight into sales teams processes and find and fix leaks within the sales process.
Custom reporting, dashboards and performance tracking enable sales ops to fine-tune their sales teams operation.

Analytics and Reporting

Create reports to track the performance of any data gathered by the sales teams.
Insights into territories give operations teams robust analytics to maximize team efficiency.
Leaderboards measure individual performance of sales reps and team. This data allows you to establish pipeline benchmarks and accurately forecast business.

Quick Onboarding

Salestaskr makes onboarding quick and easy, with real-time visual mapping, new reps can visualize their accounts and all their data on a map. Reps can plan and focus their time in the field and optimize their routes, focusing on the most potential customers.
With one on one and group real-time communication, reps feel confident they have all the tools needed to do their job.

Filter Accounts

Filter accounts, stop spending time with accounts that have a low chance of ever closing and focus your attention on those that do.
With the in-app messaging, everyone in the team is on the same page, be able to communicate quickly, send out training, incentives, and so much more.
Set appointments and schedule the day all with Salestaskr.
See the teams calendars and book appointments.

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