Sales Representatives sell 20-25% more with Salestaskr.

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Identify new leads

‘Leads around me’ allow’s you to filter opportunities based on your location and schedule, allowing you never to miss an opportunity.

Visualize sales territories and find your next opportunities or follow-up on a previous lead all from your mobile device.

Add leads on the fly- have you seen a potential customer while you have been on the road add them to your map and create a one-click action to make contact with this potential lead.

Book more appointments

Optimized routes mean more meetings less driving so you can spend the time getting your job done and closing those sales.

Adjust your day if needed, have a cancelled appointment?, no issues Salestaskr allows you to find an alternative lead or a follow-up client in your current location.

Are you running over on an appointment? Adjust your schedule in real-time to optimize the rest of your day.

Travel less, sell more

Salestaskr allows you to take back on average 8 hours, a week by helping plan your sales routes.

Prioritize your leads and contacts through, lead selection and filtering, making it easy to plan the best route for your day.

Save frequent search enquires for later use, freeing up your time in the future.

Automate the hassle of admin & follow-ups

Not only can you see your follow-ups on a map, but you can also plan your routes around them check in with them, take notes and set a new follow-up date.

Transform your Field Data

Filter the information that is most important to your sales process for current clients or potential prospects-giving you clear sales insights at your fingertips.

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