The marketing world is never stagnant, and over recent years, there has been a massive shift in how sales are made. It’s critical that your business keeps up to date with the ever-changing and dynamic developments in the industry, from trends, to tactics, and technologies. Because the last thing anyone wants is for their business to fall behind the pack while competitors remain ahead of the curve.

For many decades now, most products have found their success due to advertisements on TV, in print, and on billboards. More recently, the consumers of today have become increasingly picky and believe much less in the traditional advertisements. Simple advertising tricks are no longer enough.

Sales teams need to source and accept new methods of turning sales leads into winning deals. The most successful sales organisations in today’s environment are those which both understand and can adapt to any new sales trends. For example, the following trends in the sales industry are really going to make an impact in 2020 on the revenue of every business in Australia.

Staff Training

Today’s global customers expect sales reps who know the industry with a unique understanding of their specific requirements, which enables them to provide targeted and accurate advice. So, to ensure leads are closed efficiently for a better hand-off without any significant gaps in the process, your sales and marketing departments must be properly trained to completely understand the sales process. Sales strategies that stimulate the consumer should also be aimed at improving the seller, as they are in direct contact with potential buyers. The strategies should assist with developing the sales skills of reps, with special attention on any new technologies, while also simplifying the search for and the training of new staff.

Working Conditions

The sales area can be very laborious which causes the workload of many employees to suffer. Sometimes this leads to an undesirable outcome, such as

That’s why working conditions for sales reps and many other office-based staff has changed dramatically over the past few years. The open office is gone, the minimum distance is no more, and working 40 hours per week is also in the past. The new trend suggests a 4-day work week makes better business sense.

Sales Apps

Sales apps like Salestaskr are available specifically for various industries that streamlines the sales process while increasing the productivity of sales staff.

It’s machine learning and AI available with Salestaskr will simplify the way people will analyse at their sales results. In fact, the major advantage of sales applications like this is the ability to quickly access data and crunch numbers to provide up-to-date information on past sales while assisting with prediction of future trends.

Targeting Gen Z

Generation Z was born in an era with constant access to technology, growing up during the online shopping and social media boom on smart devices, so they require equal and undivided attention from marketers and salespeople.

Even though the youngest in this generation are still only teenagers, they currently account for up to $150 billion in direct spending, and consciously manifest requirements for product. Apart for the possible financial benefits, businesses really need to listen to this generation of consumers as they are also going to shape the landscape of sales over the next 50 years.

Researching how Generation Z thinks as a group can be done quite easily by utilising the sales intelligence and AI tools available with a CRM sales app like Salestaskr. The more you learn about this generation of shoppers and their decision process for making purchases, the easier it will be to proactively plan your sales approach.