The Role Of Software In A Field Sales Team

Sales is the fastest paced, most competitively driven part of any business and managing a successful team requires a lot of effort. Providing your field sales team with enough support is essential for them to be able to convert prospective leads to paying customers.

If you want to manage a successful field sales team the right way, you need to empower them as much as possible by utilising the right tools to get the job done. Field sales teams need consistently clear communication when it comes to sales targets and other expectations, while also being motivated with a competitive spirit they need to reach their goals.

The biggest problem for isn’t having too many leads and too many customers to visit, but rather following up on the leads and getting to the customers both efficiently and cost-effectively. Organising and arranging everything for your field sales team manually is an inefficient method that wastes precious time. With only so many hours in each day, every minute wasted means a loss of income.

A better alternative is utilising software that assists your field sales team by planning routes, stops, and final destinations, all while simultaneously managing areas, tracking leads, collecting performance data and more on the go. Sales management software increases both productivity and performance while making life for you and for your field sales team much easier. Your team of reps must have the right kind of software in order to truly be as prepared as they possibly can be for their sales job. Software has an impact on everything when it comes to sales, from customer relationship management (CRM), to appointment scheduling, and keeping track of time. Sales software needs to align with the team’s goals and simplify your experience with employees. The right CRM can help sales reps prioritise the accounts within their channel and even manage sales strategies.

Salestaskr Does It All

Management of successful sales reps requires software like Salestaskr which has tools that have been designed specifically with field-based teams in mind so they can stay organised with a focus on making sales, instead of wasting precious time worrying about details behind the scenes. Salestaskr also uses advanced GIS technology to map out different sales territories, which enables sales reps and maybe even suppliers to get to their leads and customers fast and efficiently.

The improved productivity and efficiency of Salestaskr means you will have an increased potential to earn more income. Salestaskr can even handle last minute cancelations and rescheduling, so you can move on to close the next lead without wasting time.

Salestaskr is the best CRM sales tool created especially for field sales staff which has job scheduling, optimised route planning, and sales lead generation all available in an app that’s always available right there in your pocket.

Take back your workday while planning your appointments and routes with Salestaskr, the best field sales software available for sales representatives today. And push your sales force to be the best they can be.