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A Field Worker spends on average 37-40% of their working week on non-service related tasks…


With Maptaskr your Field Workers now only use 15% on non-service related tasks instead of 37-40%.

25%extra productivity

You just got 25% extra productivity per Field Staff per week = Quick ROI

Are you ready to make a difference?

We know how vital remote assets are and also that is a huge investment involved.

What about using the newest technology to help you service and maintain more proactive?

See weather forecasts, see the surroundings and see if any potential hazards…

Be informed before sending someone onsite…

Optimize Your Field Operations

Do many common tasks (Mapping) from your office and deploy teams to the field more efficiently.

Be Confidence

When to send a field engineer or not is a decision should be based on combined high resolution, aerial imagery & enterprise data that provides an unprecedented level of accuracy.

Be Proactive

Monitoring the environment and surroundings of your assets, so that you can proactively care of the issue before they become a problem.

Take Action

Plan routes and shuffle vehicle assignments more accurately and reduce factors as downtime or preventative maintenance. Use map combined with all the relevant information/data to deploy crews during regular maintenance or critical events by giving your team the exact geocoordinates and current information about the sites and potential obstructions.

Bring Insights into your Hand


Communicate with Your Customers

Communication with your customers either it being service announcements or planned outrages in specific areas can be challenging.

  • Identify the area you would like to target
  • Select the customers/contacts
  • Communicate Easy

Geofenced Zones

Collaborate with colleagues & external customers by being able to share maps.

  • Create Geofencing Areas
  • Jobsite Security
  • Employee clock-in/clock-out

1-Click Actions

Create and trigger custom workflows to automate different business processes.

  • Easy manage tasks
  • View Customer Record
  • Book a meeting
  • Route planning
  • One-Click “word order”

Aerial Data

Bring in aerial imagery direct to Dynamics 365 for accurate ground intelligence.

  • Make informed planning & maintenance decisions before you visit the site
  • Support services like Metromap & Nearmap
  • Own drone/photo data
  • Weather Service

Visualize Infrastructure Data

Visualize Dynamics 365 and existing infrastructure data using Maptaskr:

  • Easily share your Infrastructure data with Dynamics users
  • Enable your field staff to take actions by providing them with relevant business-critical data
  • Put your Dynamics 365 data in context with ArcGIS data


Does Weather have a big impact on your field workers tasks? What about fires? Show 3rd party layers together with your data:

  • Forecasted Weather
  • Drought prediction
  • Railroads
  • Radar
  • many more services

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