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Quick and Easy Geocoding of Your CRM Data

Up to 80% of your business data contains a location component to it and geocoding is the method that allows you to unlock hidden insight. Geocoding your data enables you to take an address and convert it to a latitude/longitude coordinate meaning you can quickly render this information on a map.

Map Your CRM Data

Once your data is geocoded you can effortlessly visualise your data on a map, make quick correlations and see new insights that would not have been possible before. Quickly colour code what each data set means then trigger actions from the data.

‘Accounts Near Me’

‘Accounts Near Me’ (Radius Search) lets you see all your customers, leads and prospects near you in real-time. This allows you to quickly get an overview and start planning your trip or day. Select the customers you wish to see and let Maptaskr optimise your route.

Route Optimisation for Quicker Journeys

Plan efficiently with route optimisation allowing you to spend more time doing and less time travelling.

Create and Manage Territories

Easily create, manage and optimise territories. Territories can be configured in many different ways covering use cases like sales, service or other geographic area boundaries.

1-Click Actions

Create new records or trigger custom workflows straight from within the map using 1-click actions.

Trigger Bulk Actions from Within the Data Tab

See your data on the map then trigger bulk actions from the data tab.

Create Geofences Around Key Assets

Geofences allow you to set rules based on specific areas. Show hazard areas or key high value assets by surrounding them in a geofence.

In-depth Query Builder

Interrogate your data using Maptaskr query builder. Quickly and easily build in-depth queries and display the results on the map.

Import Multiple Mapping Layers

Bring in third-party mapping layers to enhance your business data. Maptaskr is OCG-compliant meaning you can bring in many different file formats including ArcGIS formats.

Measure Areas and Annotate on the Map

Easily measure areas and annotate directly on the map. Save and share your map with others.

See Satellite and Aerial Data Combined with Your Data

With a few simple clicks you can overlay live satellite information onto your data to get in-depth insights as to what is happening on the ground.

See Real Time Map Layer Data Combined with Your Business Data

See internal and external live map layers displayed with your business data (e.g. bring in live weather data and see which of your customers are affected).

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