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The Maptaskr platform connects both your sales and field staff with your
office staff enabling you to deliver the best service to your customers
quickly and efficiently.


Maptaskr Lite

A light-weight mobile-first solution for anyone wanting to connect their field-based staff. Plan, build and execute your travel plans with ease.

Maptaskr Sales

Maximise your sales teams’ Easily manage territories, optimise journey times and plan efficiently to spend more time customers and find new ones.

Maptaskr Ops

Provide your field staff with access to the information they need while in the field including data layers and any OGC compliant layers.

Maptaskr Fleet

A telematics platform to make your fleet and IoT data work for you. Connect your IoT & fleet into Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.

Maptaskr Insight

Bring enterprise data to life and gain deep insights and opportunities with our Maptaskr Insight data visualisation product.

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Technologu Partner

Maptaskr is a certified Microsoft ISV. We partner with industry leading technology partners through collaborative relationships delivering tight integrations with Maptaskr, geo-productivity, and location intelligence opportunities.

The Maptaskr platform is powered by a mix of Microsoft’s best-in-class solutions and open source technologies.

Maptaskr supports the open source community.

Mobile-first for field based staff
ensures they have the data they need.

Maptaskr is a SaaS mapping & location intelligence platform that is built on the Microsoft Power Platform. This means it works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook Customer Manager, Power BI and all other Microsoft enterprise solutions.

Maptaskr allows businesses to integrate mapping & location and geospatial intelligence right into their process both in the office and out in the field.

Our mobile application (available on iOS and Android) brings your field based staff closer to the information they need to succeed. From helping sales teams find new customers and spend more time with your existing customers through to helping field staff collect and access data seemlessly.

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