Maptaskr works across all the Dynamics 365 modules

Quick view of benefits...

  • Map customer & prospect data
  • Optimise route planning
  • Territory & region management
  • Customer broadcast
  • Find new prospects
  • Appointment planner
  • Create, save & share mapped marketing campaigns
  • Customer broadast via map
  • Insights through merged data inc demographic
  • Multiple visualisations
  • Better customer understanding through location intelligence
  • Import 3rd party data layers
  • See maps merged with work orders
  • Scouting module to collect data in field with location specifics
  • Offline maps feature
  • See internal data layers within map in the field
  • Pull in latest imagery for a location
  • Annotate on map to feed back to base
  • Import and store drone imagery
  • Get access to the latest satellite & aerial imagery
  • Run algorithms to drive insights from geospatial imagery
  • Autonomously monitor remote locations for change
  • Write or customise your own algorithms using our algorithm recipe library
  • Access to the Geotaskr AI geospatial & location intelligence engine
  • Satellite & aerial resolutions from 10cm to 20m
  • See your fleet & devices live on a map
  • Recieve statistics back to make informed decisions
  • Connect any number of devices or sensors and see information on map
  • Click to action direct from map
  • Create work orders based on device output
  • Real time diagnostics

Unlock and united your companies GIS data in one intuitive solutions


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