Advance Geospatial Mapping
for Microsoft technologies

Enhance your CRM with mapping & GIS data

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Built for Dynamics 365 & Power Platform

Mapping made

Bring your CRM & business data alive with the power of maps. Our solution enables you to combine your business data with mapping & location & geospatial data.

Visualise your data

Quickly visualize your CRM and business data on a map, apply filters to quickly see data trends and more.

ESRI Integrated

Maptaskr enables you to integrate Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform with your ESRI environments.

Power Platform

Maptaskr is compatible with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

Visualize Dynamics 365 Data

Combine the power of maps and location services on your CRM data

– Make informed decisions based on your business data with location & geospatial data
– Quickly visualize your CRM and business data on a map and gain a better understanding of your data
– Visualize your CRM and business data, apply filters, analyse data trends and more.

Communicate with Customers

Search and communicate with customers

– Create Marketing lists based on region and territories
– Append or create large marketing lists
– Geocode your customer and location data using BING, ESRI or Google services


Plan daily activities allowing you to spend more time doing and less time travelling.

– Generate quickest or optimise journeys
– Save and generate turn-by-turn directions on your phone and browser
– Switch between Bing, ESRI and Google routing services

Territory Management

– Generate location-based territories
– Import mapping data to generate territories
– Search and communicate with customers based on sub territories

GIS Integration

Combine your Dynamics 365 and GIS data

– Securely integrate ESRI ArcGIS layers (ESRI ArcGIS Connector)
– Import OGC compliant data
– Switch between Azure, BING, ESRI & OSM maps

PowerApps Portal

Engage with external users

– Provide external users with an intuitive mapping interface to submit and access data securely
– Provide users with your custom maps and related data to make correct decisions
– Run geoprocessing rules to enhance user experience and capture relevant data

Power BI

– Integrate custom PowerBI reports
– Drill down into reports within the context of the current map
– Pass and filter CRM properties to Power BI report

Maptaskr Services

Looking for your solution to have some extra functionality? We offer a full range of services and the ability to customise our offering to meet your requirements.
– Extend your current mapping capability
– Let us help build your Portal solutions
– Contact us for custom mapping solutions for Dynamics 365 & Power Platform

See Maptaskr in Action

Want to see some public examples of Maptaskr being using to high light public data through a map whilst connected to Dynamics 365 or the PowerPlatform? Check our the following examples:

Department of Social Services – Demand Map

Global GDP

Microsoft Preferred Solution

Maptaskr is a Microsoft Certified Co-sell Prioritised solution. This means you’re in good hands when it comes to ensuring you have a quality solution that works within your Microsoft Business Applications environment.

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